Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology                               University of California, Irvine

Southwest Organismal Biology

UC Irvine, September 20, 2014

Join organismal biologists from the southwest for an informal
and student-friendly one day meeting.

Attendance will cost $25 (free for students), collected at the meeting. 
Bring your checkbook. You pay for parking and dinner.

Meeting will be held in the Emerald Rooms of the UCI Student Center.
Enter at the North Entrance (faces the parking structure). Plan on arriving by 8:30.

Directions to UCI parking structure (pdf), Google Map of Student Center and parking

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

Note that time slots include time for questions,
so plan on delivering a 5 min (for a 6 min slot) or 10 min (for a 12 min slot) talk.